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Sports Nutrition 

Food provides the body with nutrients as well as valuable information that can bring about quick changes in metabolism and the functioning of genes. Training sessions provide the signals to start the sport specific adaptation processes.  Performance is determined by how

well the body is able to respond physiologically to training and NUTRITION plays a key role!

Nutrition is an important part of sport performance! 

SPOREL be well!


Functional Medicine Health Coaching

Functional Medicine Health Coaching involves providing the support  to clients who wish to improve their wellness. Nutrition, exercise, sleeping habits and stress menagement is at the center of functional medicine coaching services. The aim is to imporove overall wellness.

One on one, independently or hand in hand with your physician in a medical team setting coaching options are possible. 

SPOREL Counseling 


Nutrigenomic Kitchen

Sports Nutrition Workshops

Healthy Kitchen Make Over

Fermentation Workshop

Corporate Athlete 

Nutrition for mind, body and soul

Functional Food and Beverage Production & Scientific Advisory


SPOREL NUTRITION specializes in personalized nutrition counseling for active individuals and competitive elite athletes of all ages. The SPOREL logo designates an active person with nutrient dense and colorful foods balanced across the body. The motto is that an active life is the basis of a healthy life and that the active healthy life style needs to include a healthy diet.
SPOREL NUTRITION counseling can be viewed more as a NUTRITION EDUCATION, since the program is aimed to teach the clients;
  • How to eat healthy
  • How to have more energy
  • How to lose undesired body fat
  • How to feel confident about food choices
  • How to enjoy a successful diet that supports the exercises, trainings and competitions
The importance of SPORTS NUTRITION 
SPORTS NUTRITION education may provide you with the following;
  • You can gain optimum sport specific adaptations from your training program
  • You can achieve proper recovery between workouts and competitive events
  • You can achieve and maintain the ideal sport specific body composition
  • The knowledge provides reduced risk of injury and illness
  • You can build the basis of consistency in achieving high levels of competition performances.
The founder of SPOREL BESLENME, Emine Sporel Özakat, Ph.D., has previously worked  in Boğaziçi University and İstanbul Technical University, Molecular Biology and Genetics Departments for a total of 16 years.  She received further education in the field of nutrition after decidind to end her academic carrier. She is the first person in Turkey, to receive the world renowed International Olympic Committee, Sports Nutrition Diploma. She is also the first person from Turkey to complete the Functional Medicine Health Coaching Academy. She is also the first Sports Nutritionist in Turkey, to incorporate Integrative Sports Nutrition (CISN) practices into her services. She has been involved in sports in all her life. Swimming and athletics in childhood, and then professional level basketball during high school and university. Currently, she is a competitive senior tennis player.
SPOREL performance nutrition services?
SPOREL Seminars
-Sport specific seminars for coaches, parents and athletes
-Sport specific supplement use information
-Anti-doping information
-What is Healthy Eating?
Personalized Sports Nutrition Counseling
For: Active individuals / Child and Adolescent Athletes / Professional, Elite Athletes / Master and Senior Athletes.
Special needs: Vegetarian, Vegan Athletes / Injury Recovery / Diasabled Athletes / Frequent Travelling Athletes / Special Climate Nutrition (high altitudes, hot climate)
Performance Nutrition Counseling Packages
Check Up: Consistes of information gathering + 1 session counselling
Check Up + Follow up: Consists of SPOREL Check Up + 3 Follow Up Sessions
Seasonal Follow Up Plan for Athletes: Consists of detailed information gathering + Personilized Sports Nutrition Education + Sports Performance Kitchen Makeover +  Supporting Receipes + Anti-Doping information + Sports specific supplement information + minimum 6 Follow up & information sessions
Sports Nutrition Counseling for Teams
Seasonal sports nutrition counseling; healthy eating and sport specific nutrition seminar, sport specific nutritional evaluations, training periodization nutrition support, training nutrition, competition nutrition, working with the coaches to set personalized nutritional goals, athlete follow up, travelling and away game menu planning, sport specific nutrition supplement support and anti-doping support.
Personalized Functional Medicine Health Coaching Services
Applying the Functional Medicine Health Coaching skills, which include the art of coaching with the principles of Functional Medicine, nutrition, the psychology of eating, mind-body medicine and positive psychology. The aim is to restore health by addressing the root causes of imbalances.
Corporate Athlete Health Coaching
Applying the Functional Medicine Health Coaching skills, which include the art of coaching with the principles of Functional Medicine, nutrition, the psychology of eating, mind-body medicine and positive psychology in a corporate setting. The aim is to restore health by addressing the root causes of ill being or disease for each individual. Corporate health Coaching has been shown to increase effectiveness and performance of work. 
Corporate Athlete Kitchen Workshops
Mindful Eating, Feed your concentration, intelligence and memory
Food and Beverage Scientific AdvisoryNatural Functional Food Production and Scientific Advisory, Sport Food and Beverage Production and Scientific Advisory , Menu Planning for Sports Facilities (Fit Menu) , ‘Healthy Kitchen’ Cofiguration.
Healthy Nutrition Kitchen Workshops
Sports Nutrition Kitchen Workshops
Integrative Sports Nutrition Certificate
Center for Integrative Sports Nutrition (CISN)
Functional Medicine Health Coach
Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA)
Sports Nutrition postgraduate diploma 
International Olympic Committee (IOC), Medical Commission
Ph.D., Molecular Neuropharmacology 
Rudolf Magnus Institute, Utrecht University, Holland
Biochemisty Department, Surrey University, England
B.Sc., Human Biology and Health
Surrey University, England

Professional Advanced Training; Low Carb High Fat in Clinical Practice,

The Noakes Foundation, Nutrition Network, 2019.

Professional Training in Low Carbohydrate High Fat Ketogenic Nutrition and Treatment

The Noakes Foundation, Nutrition Network, 2018.

Gut Check: Exploring Your Microbiome,
University of Colorado, Boulder on Coursera
Certificate earned March 2017
Diabetes: A Global Challenge
University of Kopenhagen on Coursera
Certificate earned March 2017
Doping : Sports, Organizations and Sciences
University of Lausanne on Coursera
Certificate earned on February 2017
Accredited Anti-Doping Advisor
Introduction to Nutrigenomics 
Genomics For Clinicans By Clinicians (GSN)
Mindful Eating Course 
Jan Chozen Bays
Sports Nutrition Consultant,
Nutrition and Wellness Consultant,